Color Profiles

Color Profiles™,
a division of Lindquist Associates, provides both clients and other professional colorists an outstanding color system. Color Profiles is one of the most extensive available color systems with options for everyone.

Debra Lindquist, MA, AICI, CIP, has devoted a lifetime to professional color analysis. She has been very successful and has trained many other consultants who have become skilled colorists. She works with the 3000-plus colors in the Color Profiles system to create the subtle nuances that make individual color harmonies enhance the attributes of their wearers.

Color Profiles was originated in 1974. During the past 20-plus years, Debra Lindquist has refined, improved and created unique options in the Color Profile System to insure superior color analysis.

Color Makes A Difference - See the First Color Profile Client

Color Profiles sophisticated color analysis includes the following components:

  • Superior Color Consulting
  • Outstanding Color System
  • Artistic Personal Appraisal of an Individual's Coloring
  • Application of Color Knowledge to Personal Appearance
Color Profiles offers a wide source of color options to enhance your personal coloring. We want our clients to be able to see their best colors in relation to all possible choices. The methodology of Color Profiles offers you a comparison of all colors with the ones that have been selected for you.

Many colorists who choose colors one at a time, choose not to compare their choices with other color possibilities. These consultants pick your colors, tell you that they are your best and hope that you agree. Often these colorists don't let you watch as they test various colors against your skin and natural coloring.

Five Reasons Why Superior Color Consulting Will Benefit You:

  • You will have a frame of reference to guide you in choosing the best colors for your wardrobe, accessory and make-up selections
  • You will be able to combine more unusual color combinations.
  • You will save money by avoiding colors and clothing that don't work in your wardrobe.
  • Your wardrobe will become more coordinated and versatile.
  • You will appear more attractive, competent and comfortable in colors that flatter you.

If You are an Image Consultant Searching for a Color Design System, Choose Color Profiles

COLOR is the most exciting of the elements of design. Color can be a color consultant's ticket to success in the image industry. It can be the starting point for makeup, wardrobe analysis, wardrobe color combinations, accessories, wardrobe acquisitions and personal shopping. Your clientele will also utilize color suggestions in their homes and offices.

If you are serious about working with color in any artistic endeavor, and even if you use another color system, Color Profiles materials will assist you in the work that you are doing by improving your use of time. You will quickly recognize optimum color possibilities for your client and you will find that your consulting time becomes more productive.