Corporate Image Consulting Services

Lindquist Associates provides professional image development consulting services to many types of clients in the U.S. and abroad. We align our programs to achieve your company's image standards. Our consulting services support your corporate branding effort by improving the presence, presentation skills, dress, grooming, and etiquette of your employees. Our training will provide your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to present an appropriate professional image when representing your company.

Debra plans a corporate image
seminar with a client.

Employees enjoy being involved in our programs and appreciate the opportunity for self-improvement. We approach our interactive training sessions with humor and caring thoughtfulness for each participant's individual needs. Our goal is to empower your employees with the confidence, poise and personal images they need to present a professional image for your company and to achieve personal success in the corporate world.

Lindquist Associates' provides both Corporate Image Training Seminars and one-on-one consulting with key employees. Our training will help your people…

  • Learn to make positive first impressions.
  • Improve posture and poise and become aware of the importance of voice and body language.
  • Learn to make appropriate business wardrobe selections.
  • Improve grooming standards with tasteful hair styles, makeup & accessories.
  • Understand proper business etiquette.
  • Develop persuasive presentation skills.
  • Read the strategic situation in meetings and respond with a proactive approach.
  • Improve their ability to communicate & interact with both co-workers and clients.

We respect each person's desire to reflect their own style and manner and we work with them to adapt their personal styles to corporate norms.

Executive Presence
When senior level management need to
fine-tune their image and presentation skills, Lindquist & Associates will provide special personal consulting.

Image consulting can be especially beneficial to those in new leadership roles. Image plays a significant role in establishing authority and self-confidence. An early investment in image skills can help establish a new leader and will pay future dividends.

Developing Dress Codes
We establish appropriate dress code standards to meet the needs of your corporate culture. We provide education about the selection of appropriate clothing and we define the correct attire for all occasions.

Appearance Modification
If dress, manners or personal behavior are limiting a valuable employee's success, Lindquist & Associates can address this issue with caring, objective and non-judgmental advice and education. We work with the employee's supervisor to analyze the problem and define a satisfactory solution. Next we work with the individual to address the issue. We also help employees understand that their employer values them enough to make an investment in their future.

Customer Service and Employee Interaction
Lindquist Associates helps employees improve customer and co-worker interactions and relations. Employees will become more self-confident and authoritative when they understand how their personal behavior influences and impacts their interactions with others. Manners, greetings, introductions, telephone techniques and male/female etiquette in the workplace are all important skill areas necessary to create a desirable personal image.

Cross Cultural Counsel
The Global workplace is a reality and there are huge differences in cultures and how they approach business relationships. Lindquist & Associates will provide customized information for traveling staff who will be representing your organization. We will advise them how to present themselves and how to react properly to other cultures.