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initial step is communication with clients to discover their personal goals and objectives regarding their appearance, operational style, and wardrobe management.

Examples of client objectives may be as follows:

  • Seeking Advancement and Increased Credibility in the Work Place
  • Owning Clothing That is Appropriate for a Variety of Occasions
  • Life Style Changes That Necessitate New Wardrobe Options
  • How to Handle Weight Fluctuations
  • Better Utilization of Money Spent on Clothing and Grooming
  • Upgrade of Personal Image Through Investment Dressing
  • Appearing Current Rather Than Dowdy or Outdated
  • Seeking a New Look
  • Creating Successful Travel Wardrobes
  • Utilization of the intuitive
    and psychological aspects of color.


The Color Profiles System

Wearing flattering colors that extend and compliment your personal coloring is one of the first steps toward improved appearance.
We choose each individual's best colors from a source of more than 3000 hues.

The Color Profiles' system is non-seasonal and is totally individual. Each client receives a custom portfolio consisting of fabric swatches of the selected colors.

Benefits include:

  • Hue Representations of Colors that Simulate Your Hair, Skin, Skin Undertones, Blush, Eye Color and Variations Upon these Themes.
  • Other Colors That Compliment Your Personal Coloring
  • A Frame of Reference for Evaluating All Colors Related to Your Personal Color Profile.
  • A Color Wardrobe Plan Where Clothing Pieces Mix and Match.
  • Utilization of the Psychology of Color Through Clothing Color Choices for Specific Situations.

Personal Style
Wearing flattering colors in clothing will have maximum impact when the styles selected are appropriate for the occasion, enhance the wearer and have a quality appearance.

Principles of design are utilized in educating clients about potential choices. Principles of yin and yang and a knowledge of fabrics, styles, patterns and design details are used by our consultants in guiding clients towards their best choices.

The goal is to connect a client's appearance to particular clothing. The effect of clothing that enhances the wearer results in a harmonious, put together look for the client.

Body Proportion
A combination of a computerized body analysis program with visual interpretation is utilized in order to showcase the positive aspects of an individual's body style.

The art of illusion is operative in the way that clothing is combined and worn by the client. Through the clever use of fabrication, color, value contrast, intensity and proportion, people may appear thinner or taller than they actually are in real life.

Accessories play a role in creating focal points that draw the eye of the beholder to an individual's face or to other positive physical attributes.

Hair is often a challenge or an issue for many people. Too much, not enough, too short, too long, too dull, turning gray, dyed the wrong color, over-processed by chemical treatments, unfortunate hair cuts, and hair style boredom are some of the many issues people have regarding their hair. A flattering hair style that enhances the face and the body type is an essential first step in grooming. Additional considerations are maintenance, time and expense, and the personal expertise of the wearer in working with their own hair. Key hair professionals in the industry, who have a consistent track record of excellence are utilized for clients.

The work of some of these professionals was spotlighted in a series of "Make-Over" articles which ran in the Rocky Mountain News.

Clients are matched with appropriate hair experts, who will help them achieve the image that they are seeking.

Men who choose facial hair in the form of mustaches, beards, etc. are also advised on grooming and maintenance options.

Makeup trends come and go and are always changing. There are various levels of makeup ranging from minimal makeup to highly theatrical makeup. Makeup should be the correct color for the wearer and should be appropriate for the occasion. Many sellers of makeup are selling a "look" that is not necessarily appropriate in color or for the lifestyle or career of the wearer.

Clients are advised about the use of flattering makeup colors based upon Color principles and techniques for makeup application are taught.

Private Label Makeup is available for sale to clients, but consultants are also able to work with any makeup line at any makeup counter.

Your mother taught you the ground rules of grooming.
"It is often assumed that everyone knows such grooming guidelines as "brush your teeth, use deodorant, and bathe everyday." Grooming can also include issues with unpleasant breath, or wearing fragrances that may be perceived as offensive.

Grooming also extends to clothing care and clothing maintenance. Shoes that have run down heels, puckered shirt seams that have spent too much time in the dryer or clothing that is permanently stained falls into the area of personal grooming.

The utilization of accessories can assist an individual in presenting a look of individuality and distinction. Debra assists clients with the selection of jewelry, scarves, belts, leather goods, ties, glasses and even office environments that will reflect the taste and personal style of the individuals who inhabit them.
Debra sells and sources distinctive accessories. She also offers custom accessories designed to complement specific outfits.

Wardrobe Management
Many individuals have varying ideas about the clothing that they own. Our own parenting and our feelings of self-worth may influence concepts about our clothing and how we spend money on clothing. Some ways that individuals view clothing may be as follows:

  • I Only Buy Clothing When It Is On Sale.
  • Expensive Clothing Makes Me Feel Valuable.
  • I Have Lots of Clothing, But Nothing Seems to Go Together.
  • I Plan to Wear My Clothing "Forever."
  • I Only Feel Good in Clothing That is Newly Purchased
    Each Season.
  • I Can Never Part With My Clothing Even Though I
    Am Not Wearing It.
  • My Weight Goes Up and Down and I Own a Variety of Clothing in Different Sizes.

Clothing is a resource to help an individual reach particular goals. Once people understand what they are trying to achieve they are eager to simplify the process. When people understand the concepts they want to communicate through their appearance they become more aware of the type of clothing to choose.

Shopping can be done at any price point in the finest of stores, and in off-price and resale shops as well. Custom clothing options are available for those people who cannot find quality clothing in stores in their size or to meet special requirements.

An individual's budget and the clothing that is currently owned determines the client's needs. Quality, style, appropriateness and fit for the client dictates the wardrobe finds.


Debra Lindquist recently was featured in a comparison
shopping experience conducted by a Denver television station where a similar "look" was available at different price points.



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